Pairing : Riley x Dawn =D I felt like drawing something after writing the story below.. It's simply done with paint :)

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Hello there : )

Hello! I'm Joby.  ^^ I'm a beginning writer, like to draw, and like to read =D Of course, I like a lot of other things as well, going to the cinema, shopping, hanging around with my friends etc. I' m not sure what to say! =O I'll introduce myself further when something comes up XD
I'll be posting art and stories here for all of you to enjoy =)  To begin with..

Story title : Once upon a time on Iron Island (i'm lame at titles ;_; forgive mee)
Rating : T for romance and to be safe
Series : Pokemon Diamond (game)
Pairing(s) : Dawn x Riley / Hikari x Gen (IronWillShipping)
Summary : It already was dark.. The shimmering iron pokemon reflected the little light that there was. The fight was over- but Dawn was left with an undescribeable feeling.

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